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Precision Gel Tube -Concealer Pink


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Introducing the YN Synergy Gel Precision Applicator, our latest need-it-now sculpting gel product for when control and convenience matter. Nail Artists (beginner or experienced) will love the mess-free, easy to use, and time-saving one of a kind gel tube applicator


Concealer Pink  - Opaque Medium/Thick Builder Gel

Self Leveling 

Minimum Sting Control 



After you have prepped the nail , apply protein bond , This is when we apply our foundation layer of base  gel , Using  a healthy bead apply this to the nail and lightly float the product from cuticle to free edge , keeping the thicker part across your stress area 



Apply one finger at a time , freeze it into the light for 3-5 seconds or while you do the other finger on the other hand - Cure the whole hand for 1 minute when completed to fully cure


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