YN Ireland

Acrylic Refresher Nail Course

Full Payment is €50, no more payment due after €50 deposit.

Got into some bad habits? Come back to us and refresh or update your skills. Any questions you have can be addressed in this class.  We will be giving you some helpful tips to improve your nails, speed, and confidence.  This class is for those who already practice Acrylic. We also offer to teach you our Famous ‘Reverse’ method. So applying the pink first and then the white/tip! This is the Young Nails signature method for acrylic.

  • We will supply all the materials you will need.
  • Class time is from 10.00am – 12.30pm
  • Your €50.00 booking fee is fully redeemable on the day.
  • This class is fully certified by Young Nails Ireland Ltd.

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